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Waste free coding

This article documents solving a meaningful event processing problem in a highly efficient manner through the reduction of waste in the software stack. Java is often seen as a memory hog that cannot operate efficiently in low memory environments. The aim is to demonstrate what many think is impossible, that a meaningful java program can operate in almost no memory. The example processes  2.2 million csv records per second in a 3MB heap with zero gc on a single thread in Java . You will learn where the main areas of waste exist in a java application and the patterns that can be employed to reduce them. The concept of zero cost abstraction is introduced,  and that many  optimisations can be automated at compile time through code generation. A maven plugin simplifies the developer workflow. Our goal is not high performance, that comes as a by-product of maximising efficiency. The solution employs Fluxtion which uses a fraction of the resources compared with existing java event proce