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Event stream processing unplugged - part 1

Introduction Welcome to event streaming unplugged, this is the first in a series of articles covering the topic of realtime evemt stream processing. This is a practical programming series with resources at unplugged part 1 . What you will learn in these articles: The basics of unbounded event processing Functional reactive programming introducing concepts like map, filtering, groupBy, flatMap Constructing directd acyclic execution graphs Managing event streams of heterogenous types Imperative event programming, integrating application code Input and output Building, testing and deploying Auditing, logging and debugging event execution flow This article starts with a simple hello world and then moves onto a more complex example. The second example calculates the mark to market value for a set of traded currency pairs. Two independent event streams, instrument market price and executed trades are processed. Batches of trades and reset signals are also supported. A more complex example se