About me

I have been working at the cutting edge of technology for over 10 years.  A highly
driven technologist and leader I seek innovative ways to develop and use technology for the
benefit of businesses. My passion for technology has seen me lead multiple teams across the globe and
different business units, to design, develop and deploy large architectural systems within major banks.  I
have also used my extensive business knowledge of FX High Frequency Trading to establish my own
highly successful companies.

One of my standout achievements was the establishment, with a colleague, of Edge Capital Investments
Ltd.  Edge successfully traded in the FX markets with over a trillion dollars executed in the primary
markets.  In addition to this I was responsible for the technical implementation of the business.  This
included custom writing the Edge trading system where end to end response times allowed Edge to
successfully compete with the fastest in the field.  

Soon after I created an algortithmic trading system written in C++, with total round trip trading times in
single digit microseconds. Once again, as a result of my high energy, expertise and vision I saw the
company trading simultaneously in London, New York and Tokyo.

Working on the sellside, I have operated as Executive Director, heading up electronic trading in foreign
exchange. While in this role I architected and rebuilt a completely new FX trading system from scratch. 

My most recent project has seen me develop my own brand of software, Fluxtion, which currently has
patent pending status. Building upon my work within the banking sector and my engineering background I
have developed Fluxtion which is a revolutionary code robot whose unique algorithms create optimised
code that can process hundreds of millions of events per second on a single core. 

Currently Fluxtion has been used to re-write a new FX pricing engine for a major investment bank and
deployed into production.

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